android gamed


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Thanks to the play store I can play obsessively for hours, even spending money on the various diamonds and rubies required to further the level.

These online games do seem to need time and patience when without the payout. Who is patient with computer games?

So aftet 2-3 hrs of “star girl” I have lost my patience with my obsessive personality and signed out.. but must remember to check star girl’ s acting career has taken off. First thing in the morning!


No, I seriously can hardly give this game up.


A Box For Christmas

A Box for ChristmasWhen I think of Christmas, I always hear “presents, presents, presents”, and “Santa, Santa, Santa” Sad, but true, I know.

So  when I remember my own Christmas’s at Granny and Grandad’s farm running around in the fields and woods with my cousin’s, wellies knee-high in mud, really presents were only a small feature as compared with the rest of the Christmas holiday.

After returning to the Church in my twenties after neglecting it since young childhood, I began to have a different understanding of Christmas. The importance of Holy Mary, The Angel Gabriel, Joseph, Zachery, Elizabeth, John the Baptist and of course the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas has a whole different view, so many more people than Father Christmas, such an  important Saint Nicholas even so. I don’t mean to be an expert on Christianity or to preach, but a few Church services at Advent and a few scriptures from the New Testament can keep feet firmly on the floor and everything in perspective. Of course Handel’s Messiah is always a strong favorite from the sacred repertoire.

Will I give a box for Christmas?

An empty box to a child is filled with so much more for them. It sets their vivid imaginations free, to make a house, a boat, Santa’s sleigh and much, much more. Children need to understand love, kindness, thankfulness, friendships, be able to live life on a spiritual level and not only for materialistic gain.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration and full of so many different gifts not only of time and money. Somehow I can try to keep sense of the “True” Christmas and how to fulfill a Christmas Gift.


The end of the day

So at the end of the day…

After having a very edible roast lamb at granny’s house and sufficient wine, the children in bed, at least pretending to be asleep, I feel ready to leave the stereotypes of yummy mummy behind and just “be Myself”.

Mother has told me Evanglie is a name for a whore, but I’m not loosing faith…


I woke up this morning and decided  that I must not be yukky mummy. I have already found yummy mummy a rather unatractive prospect- namely when my sister called Victoria Beckham (Yummy mummy herself and nation favourite) an “alien”. So yummy and yukky are officially off the menu!

Try  telling that to the children.  My son Chad has just smelt lunch with an utterly disgusted tone in his voice.  I have promised him,

“it will be delicious”

My little girl Clara(2) yesterday, came into my room, where I was ill with a cold. Toy saucepan in hand filled with bread, her exact words were,

“I’ve made you food-it’s not yukky”! 

It seems she already has a taste for home cooking.

But Dad and I persist in making food in hope it will be yummy and tasty and NOT yukky. 


The next plan for today is to definitely change my name to Evangelie. My mother has told me it isn’t a real name. Real to me, Evangelie, never the less.