A Box for ChristmasWhen I think of Christmas, I always hear “presents, presents, presents”, and “Santa, Santa, Santa” Sad, but true, I know.

So  when I remember my own Christmas’s at Granny and Grandad’s farm running around in the fields and woods with my cousin’s, wellies knee-high in mud, really presents were only a small feature as compared with the rest of the Christmas holiday.

After returning to the Church in my twenties after neglecting it since young childhood, I began to have a different understanding of Christmas. The importance of Holy Mary, The Angel Gabriel, Joseph, Zachery, Elizabeth, John the Baptist and of course the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas has a whole different view, so many more people than Father Christmas, such an  important Saint Nicholas even so. I don’t mean to be an expert on Christianity or to preach, but a few Church services at Advent and a few scriptures from the New Testament can keep feet firmly on the floor and everything in perspective. Of course Handel’s Messiah is always a strong favorite from the sacred repertoire.

Will I give a box for Christmas?

An empty box to a child is filled with so much more for them. It sets their vivid imaginations free, to make a house, a boat, Santa’s sleigh and much, much more. Children need to understand love, kindness, thankfulness, friendships, be able to live life on a spiritual level and not only for materialistic gain.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration and full of so many different gifts not only of time and money. Somehow I can try to keep sense of the “True” Christmas and how to fulfill a Christmas Gift.