I woke up this morning and decided  that I must not be yukky mummy. I have already found yummy mummy a rather unatractive prospect- namely when my sister called Victoria Beckham (Yummy mummy herself and nation favourite) an “alien”. So yummy and yukky are officially off the menu!

Try  telling that to the children.  My son Chad has just smelt lunch with an utterly disgusted tone in his voice.  I have promised him,

“it will be delicious”

My little girl Clara(2) yesterday, came into my room, where I was ill with a cold. Toy saucepan in hand filled with bread, her exact words were,

“I’ve made you food-it’s not yukky”! 

It seems she already has a taste for home cooking.

But Dad and I persist in making food in hope it will be yummy and tasty and NOT yukky. 


The next plan for today is to definitely change my name to Evangelie. My mother has told me it isn’t a real name. Real to me, Evangelie, never the less.